【Contact Development Section】
In this section, we construct a system or software newly along with customers' needs.
Food Hygiene Management
Based on Food Hygiene Standard, this system automatically decides whether to pass or fail,
and supports business for analysis of Autonomies and each Inspection Organizations.
Training Support System for Insurance Business
This is designed for trainee's scheduling support and Sales Promotion back up tool in the field of Insurance Business.
Examination for the Agency Qualification Management System
This system is to support with drawing an application for examination for insurance qualification taken by the Accident Insurance Association.
Spring Temperature Automatic Control System
This system supervises the spring temperature all the time and controls its setting temperature.
Automatic Alarm System against Mountain District Disasters
This system monitors rain gauges and other sensors all the time using radio transmission system.
Automatic Examination System for Servo Amplifiers
This is an automatic measurement system for Servo Amplifiers' qualification management.
【Packaged Software Development Section】
In this section, we sell various software or Android applications.
Digital Operation Support System
It supports the production management in the factories and others and the manufacture and assembly for the people in charge.
Slaughter Examination Information Management System
Implement a simplified input operation and a tablet terminal usage. Make complicated works more efficient!
Attendance aggregation Software
Software that is able to correspond to a receipt using IC card, a barcode, and a touch-monitor
Notification Mail Distribution Software
This is designed for the simultaneous mail distribution to notice Web site update information to applicants promptly.
Hear Voice
It allows you to hear the outside sounds that the main body's microphone picks up when you're listening to the music on the headphones.
※Android Application
Door Security System
This product allows you to unlock the automatic door by the timer or PIN code.
Nurse Attendance table Creation System
Implement the attendance planning table creation by smoothly and easily operation.
Personnel Basic Information Management System
This application software allows you to simplify the data input process and conduct the personnel information management.
Kaisoku Keita-kun
This system is the multi record measurement system, operational on the commercial PC for medium and small competitions.
This system is to operate general transactions in Automobile Sales and Maintenance business efficiently, accurately, and swiftly.
This system is to operate general transactions in Automobile Sales and Maintenance business efficiently, accurately, and swiftly.
This system greatly reduces general transactions in Motorcycle Sales and Maintenance business using PC.
Order Receipts Payment Progress Management System
This system is designed for Sales Directors and Supervisors to administer the progress management of order items, bills, and payment.
Super Doc V2
This system operates swift and accurate comprehensive transaction processes along with physical checkups.
This is the reservation management system for the hotels installed with the customer management function.
This system is the database software for Fly-Fishers who is able to record situations of fishing results, fishing locations, fly patterns and so on.
【Services & Sales Section】
In this section, we propose various customers' need such as Web site production, PC maintenance, and the paper digitization.
Translation service
Our staffs translate the documents from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English instead of you.
Web Site Maintenance Service
Instead of our customers, we create and maintain their Web Sites.
Digitalization Service by using Mark-sensing Cards
Take mark-sensing card contents into the computer to digitalize the data!
PC Maintenance Service
We regularly visit you to maintain your Windows computer.
Scanning (Digitalized paper documents) Service
Digitalize scanning documents by the medium of paper.
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Update the information about Digital Operation Support System.

Hp renewal!!

Update the information about Slaughter Examination Information Management System on the page Packaged Software Development.

Released Android application Now・Mail.

Update the information about Attendance Aggregation Software on the page Packaged Software Development.

Update the information about Notification Mail Distribution Software on the page Packaged Software Development.
Department offices of Planning and Development, Sales and Promotion, and HP division have been moved in May 2nd, 2003.

On this occasion, our company has officially made a contract and concluded [RTLinux/Pro technology authorized partner] between FSMLabs Japan and we.
It is said that this RTLinux/Pro is the best OS when the accurate time sharing such as various measurement controls and others are required.
In our company, we have been and will be developing various kinds of software based on this RTLinux/Pro.
Contact to us at Planni
ng and Development department when you have requests or need advice.
Fly-fishing is said that it is even the game of the database.
Catching in the fishing greatly depends on the fly selection adjusted by the situation.
We have been upgrading it based on the field test results that our staffs actually used [FLY Master], which is one of our developed software.
We recommend it to people who enjoy fly-fishing because we set its price reasonable!!

On this occasion, we have applied for a patent of [Air pollution severance data transceiver system].
This is to gain the model patent for the data collection method related to the air pollution severance.
The environmental problems are widely highlighted more and more, and the importance of our system will is expected to increase in future.

We conduct not only customer's Web site production but also its maintenance service business.
We have gained a favorable reputation from the customers by updating monthly information securely. Contact our Sales and Promotion department for your orders.
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