Company Philosophy

1. To be with sincerity.
2. To have a feeling of gratitude.
3. To make continual efforts.
4. To have dreams and hopes.
5. To be a good social person.
Based on those company philosophies, we will contribute to our local society.

 Company Outline

Company name Ailesystem Co., Ltd.
Capital 22,000,000 Yen
Executives CEO     Susumu Kaneko
President  Toshikazu Nishiiri

Executive and Planning Director    Manabu Takeuchi
Exucutive and Development Director  Yuuji Kobayashi
Organaization President
Department of Planning and Development – Section1 / Section2
Department of Sales and Promotion
Department of the General Affairs
Department od Accounting
Employee Number 13 (SE 8/Sales 2/General 3)
Business Content Contract Development
Package Software Development
Web Site Production
Development Platform ◆Desktop Application
◆Web Application
◆Smartphone Application
◆Various built-in Application
Development environment 【Language】

・Embarcadero Delphi

・Embarcadero C++Builder

・Microsoft Visual C#

・Microsoft Visual C++

・Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0、.NET

・Adobe Flash







・Oracle Database

・Microsoft SQL Server

・Microsoft Access

・Sybase SQL Anywhere





・Microsoft Windows XP、Vista、7、8

・Microsoft Windows CE

・Linux Various distributions


・Android OS


 Company History

August 2015 at present
September 3, 1993 Ailesystem Corporation was founded in Komoro-shi, Nagano-ken
December, 1994 Department of Planning and Development and Sales Promotion have been moved to Aioi-cho in Komoro-shi.
December, 1994 Increased our capital to 10,000,000 Yen.
December, 1994 Pooled resources with Chiyoda Fire and Marine Insurance Co.,Ltd, and found Elevera Swiss Corporation.
March 22, 1995 Changed Organaization to Ailesystem Co., Ltd..
October, 1999 Purchased about 990m2 estates for Head Office Building at Ichi, Komoro-shi.
June, 2000 Merged with Sonnette Corporation. Started Financial Planning related business.
Feburary, 2001 Server for Web Site exclusive use was set up at Department of Planning and Development, and it’s operation started.
April. 2001 Changed Financial Planning business to Department of FP business and set up Depertment of Web Site Production and Management business.
December, 2001 Increased our capital to 17,300,000 Yen.
2003 Built a new Head Office building at Ichi, Komoro-shi.
September, 2007 Increased our capital to 22,000,000 Yen.
January, 2016 Acquisition Privacy Mark.

 Company Location

665-9 Ichi Komoro-shi Nagano-ken

 Main customer