Contact Development

In this section, we construct a system or software newly along with customers' needs.

 Food Hygiene Management
This system is to examine from gathered specimens for toxic substances contained in Foods or Crops(Residual Agrichemicals) against the human body. It also loads with functions of Drawing Result Analysis and Cout Processing.
This system enables to judge results automatically by loading with Food Hygiene Standard lists based on result analysis of food classification. We are now applying for a patent for it. It is also consisted of WAN to do hight efficient information transmission from each branch offices.
This system is for Autonomies and Examination Divisions.

 Based on the Operation Standard G.L.P of Food Hygiene Division.

 Speeding up inputting the basic data of gathered specimens.

 Unifying the management from examination requests to result statements.

 Realizing the complete automatic judgement system which is loaded with different standard values from every food classifications.

 Training Support System for Insurance Business
This system is to devise monthly sales promotion plans for an independent business within trainning period to aim at an independent practice, and to analyze actions comparing targets with actual results.
Adoptting concepts of matured contract things owned by other companies, it is ranked with the system that follows timely actions toward a new and existent customers.
It is also designed for easy changeover for a step-up to the independent agency by equipped functions of insurance contract process and details of the balance management.
This contract development is for the Insurance company.
 Examination for the Agency Qualification Management System
This system is quickly to draw the application for examination for insurance qualification taken by the Accident Insurance Association.

This system consists of Prelinary and Secondary. The Preliminary input divides the gathered applicants by each block units into every examination places, and automatically assigns the applicant’s numbers. The Secondary input renews existing possessed qualification by entering whether to pass or fail. Due to this system, you can save the time for printing applicant’s number sheets and assigning them into every examination places. (Correspond to the new system)
 Spring Temperature Automatic Control System
This system keeps the bath setting temperature by mixing underground water and 90 degrees Celsius hot spring source.
It controls the valve using difference between setting temperature and actual temperature through 6 bypasses.
It also measures out side temperature and automatically contorls the adequacy of hot water temperature.
This system uses a special platinum sensor for measurements, and is operationale of setting temperature from inside assuming the time lag for the increase and decrease temperature by the touch screen, and enable to monitor the valve’s open and close and hot water temperature during the operation. This system is now running at Hotel Keikoku in front of Giant Sky Resort in Shiga Kougen. This is digression but this hotel’s hot spring is really good!
 Atomatic Alarm System against Moutain District Disasters
This system is to send the data of implanted sensors in the mountainside or rain gauge to observatories through the radio transmission system and monitor the data all the time.
This system announces the alarm if the observational readings are beyond regulation values, and is designed for Autonomies. We collaborate this development with NEC Corporation.
 Automatic Examination System for Servo Amplifiers
This system is Automatic Measurement System for the qualification managemnt of Servo Amplifiers. It corresponds various kind of lots and is designed to change the line quickly. Terminal PCs is LAN structure which consists of 15 computers as UNIX is a basic server. It draws a customized check-sheet, and automatically examines products by using it.

All examed data will be saved and used them for analysis or statistics process in Quality Control Department. This system is based on ISO9001.
 Various Process Management Systems
We build original custom systems for specialized progress management which varies with each corporation’s processes.
 Production Management System
This system is designed to manage production business synthetically such as Orders, Warehousing, and Production Information management.
 Various General Affairs Management Systems
Those systems are designed to realize streamlined office works such as Customer Management, Accout Management, Various Approvals, and Certificate Issues.
 Various Automatic Measurement Systems and etc
Those systems are designed to realize real-time monitoring and controling various measurement machines.