Athletic Record Measurement System
[Kaisoku Keita-kun]


Athletic Record Measurement System [Kaisoku Keita-kun] is the multi record measurement system for medium and small competitions. You can smoothly measure time records in the competition in a great number of people by using PC for the athletic record measurement. Plus, you can print certificates of the competition result automatically and immediately at the same time as a player reaches the goal.

This is a measurement tool connecting the Organaizers and the Participants in various cometitions such as Citizen Marathon, Walking events, Bicycle events and so on.


Easy Operation, Like a Stopwatch!

As the operation of measurement, you can input a time record of the goal and an entry number of a participant at the same time and is easy to operate with numeric keys and other several keys.
We realize the feeling that the time measurement system in a great number of people is like using a stopwatch.

Measure a Parallel with the Plural Number of Classes

This system eables to define classes by conditons of the competitions so that it is able to determine people who reaches the goal in order for each classes when the plural number of classes, such as by ages or by sex, competed at the same time.

Load with Functions of Printing Testimonials and Layout Setting

[Kaisoku Keita-kun] is not only to measure time records but also to print certificates of the competition results. You can smoothly hand people, who reaches the goal, the certificate in real-time. You can also set the print layout at will so that you can draw your original certificate.


 Athletic Record Measurement

 Automatical Certificate Print

 Setting Print Layout

 Various kind of Prints

 Data Saving

 Registration of Order of Participants’ Goal

 Registration of Entry


Support OS WindowsVista(※)/XP/2000(※)
Memory more than 512MB (more than 1GB recommeded)
Others *Require to install [.NET Framework Version1.1.4322] specially provided by Microsoft Corporation
You can download [.NET Framework Version1.1.4322] from Microsoft Download Center.


 Fare of the annual usage:First year ¥19,800(Tax Included)

 As from Second year Renewal fee ¥5,500(Tax Included)(*)

*You need to renew the license every year from the first purchase.


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