Hotel Reservation Management System


This system is for Hotel Reservation Management. This doesn’t just search the vacant rooms in order, but it enables to raise “the Weight” which means frequencies of each room’s usage. It also enables to set assigning rooms to be next to each other depending on the number of the customers’ group. It also enables to reassign the room easily when the number of the customers decreases in lower than capacity due to the cancellation. This system is for Hotel management not to depend on the travel agency.



 The Perfect Hotel Reservation System

 Load with various functions such as from Reservation to Check-In on the day, and reassigning the room by cancellation

 Using another CRT, it shows a present reservation status on the screen at all times.

 Enable to input the details of the clientele information or contents of direct mails by the function of the customer management. It is very useful for repeaters.

 As an option, it enables to link the network system between the diner and the register.



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