Application for Android


 [Mimamo~ru] is an application for Smart phone and enable to detect actions of a guard object person and send those information by e-mail.

Collectable data is 3 kind of [Action information by step count], [Location information by GPS], [Battery information].
Send those information by e-mail in every per fixed time or at exceeded specified value.


He supposes to stay at home today…
[Guarding Information is noticed by e-mail.]


[Time Zone and Location Setting]
[Step Count Setting]
[Guarding Setting]

Specified value is able to be set plurally combining time zone and conditions.
Enable to correspond to time zone changes by actions or locations such as while awaking in the day, while sleeping in the night, staying at home, staying at the kindergarten, and so on.

Time Zone and Location Set a location in each day of week and time zone. Warning message is going to be sent when the guard object person moves over the set distance from that location. Enable to set in each time zone and each day of week.
Step Count Setting Warning message is going to be sent when the guard object exceeds or falls behind specified step count during set time zone.
Guarding Setting Conduct setting related to guarding by registered [Time Zone and Locations] checking intervals and periodic transmission intervals of [Location Information], [Battery Remaining], [Step Count].

 How to Use

Location Setting

Check [Location Information] in Location Setting.

Seem that the school is over.

Periodic Transmission Setting

Check [Location Information] in Periodic Transmission Setting

I wonder where he is…

Step Count Setting

Check [Safety Information] in Step Count Setting.

Grandfather doesn’t go out today.
I wonder why he doesn’t…

 No specific device is required except for Smart phone, and it utilizes as a guarding tool for the elderly and children.

* There is the case that the location information is difficult to gain accurately depending on GPS radio wave condition.

* There is the case that SMS transmission may not be sent depending on the transmit radio wave condition.

* Functions to use will greatly effect on the consumption of the power source in use. We recommend to prepare extra batteries or battery charger devices.

 Operation Environment

Smart phone Android OS is from 5.0 to 7.0.


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