Number Notification Display Tool


 [NanPico!] is an indication tool that displays turn waiting or product finished turn by numbers. Enable to display number notification regardless of whether inside or outside of the store by constructing adapting customers’ environment.

 Number notification is possible just to install the tool if an existing computer and a monitor for external display fulfill the operational environment condition.

 Functions and Services


 Displayed number input (including to clear)

 Number read-in by barcode

 Number display function for external monitor

 Specific Web data creation function

 Web page data transmission function to Web server

 Number input (Read-in), history display (clear when the date changes)


 Provide a leaflet for link registration to specific web page (1pcs)

 Shop name or Logo registration to display on the screen or specific web page (1pcs per each)

 Operation Images

How to use

 Inside of the store
For customers who are waiting inside of the store, displays on the monitor set in the store.

 Through the Internet
For customers who are outside of the store, be able to check numbers on Web page from computers or Smart phones.

Customers are able to check both the monitor in the store and from Smart phones.


 We provide the poster design service corresponded to [QR code] or [NFC (Near Field Communication)] to open Web page immediately and check from Smart phone easier.


Application Example

 At Pharmacy
Notice when a medical prescription is ready to customers who are away from the pharmacy during waiting.

 At Restaurant
Useful for congestion reducing in the restaurant by checking through the Internet during a long waiting turn.


 NanPico! Base:¥99,000(Tax Included)

 Initial server setting and registration fee:¥22,000(Tax Included)

 Field local setting:Separately in charge

*If you wish to use a specific Web page, Server fee will be charged separately.

*Customizing screen on the display, Web design, tool functions, and others is possible. Also we act for registration and setting as you (cost separately).


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