Nurse Attendance table Creation System


To crease nurse attendance tables is always trouble for managers.
It is happened a lot that a number of night-shift person is shorter for one night after thinking that it is finally done.
Nurse attendance table creation system is easy to operate and help you to create employees’ attendance planning table!

Attendance planning table creation tends to be complicated by hand writing but it is able to edit freely on the screen such as to add, change, and delete.
It helps you to implement a speedy creation of attendance planning table, and also it is loaded functions of planning table creation by automatic calculation of the day and night shift hours or simulation. Also, created planning tables are easily moved to the actual results input, and the time aggregations of the actual results are automatically conducted. Attendance tables are printable certainly.

In this system, you are able to create and print monthly attendance planning table and actual result tables by registering staffs and conducting combination settings such as groups and occupations.
You are also able to create tables in attendance planning by simulation based on setting items.


 Able to conduct the desire settings of monthly attendance and day off.

 Able to create tables by taking desired attendance in attendance planning table creation.

 Simulation of attendance planning table is created by taking desired attendance.

 Able to reflect attendance planning tables to attendance actual result tables and conduct input of actual results easily.

 Able to conduct staffs’ attendance combinations easily by each NG settings.


 Master maintenance (occupation, department, staff, group, combination, NG setting)

 Attendance desired day setting

 Attendance planning table creation

 Attendance actual result table creation

 Data backup function


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