Slaughter Examination Information Management System


Implement a simplified input operation and a tablet terminal usage. Make complicated works more efficient!
It is able to implement a smart operation using a tablet.


 Simplify input by the tablet operation to prevent input errors. (Button selection)

 Input determination results from the tablet terminal

 It is possible to be taken the input data by the tablet terminal into PC at once. Prevent input errors at retyping the data.

 It is possible of data sharing between each examination place by the data total management.

 It is corresponded to the aggregation of each report and printing.


Function List

Management computer side
Log-in management Exam result import Exam result input / correction
FD data capture submitted from other organizations (Meat center and etc.) Data batch change Producer information read-in
Exam data creation Exam data abstraction Master maintenance
Master export Data disposition Daily printing/ various printing/ print preview
Tablet terminal side
Master import Exam result input (various selection, administrative measure, and etc.) Viscera disposal notification printing
Exam result output

Output Report List

Daily Printing
Abattoirs Act administrative measure order TSE daily report Slaughter Examination record information (incidence rate)
Food Sanitation Act disposal order Slaughter Examination record information (individual) Exam result notification
Viscera disposal notification Deferment domestic animals list Daily trial balance sheet
(Slaughter examination application process sheet)
Various Printing
(Monthly report Printing)
Administrative measure list (Monthly report) Ministry of Health,
Labor and Welfare reported case
(Monthly report) Number of slaughter examination
Trader / species of domestic animal / Application number per daily (Monthly report) Test room examination
Various Printing
(Annual report Printing)
(Annual report) Number of slaughter (Annual report) Diseases breakdown (Annual report) Test room examination
(Annual report) Normality / disposal aggregation
Viscera disposal notification

Master list

Disease display Organ system classification
Species of domestic animal of the dressed carcass amount Food Sanitation Act measurement
Name of Disease middle classification System per organs
Transfer status, urgent reason Abattoirs Act measurement
Organization Name of Disease middle classification
Detailed examination Usage
Environmental information Disease type
Cattle species Producer classification
Application number for slaughter Diseases
Cattle qualification code exchange Disposal Company
Abattoirs Act skilled writing number All disposal diseases
Disposal process JA branch
Revenue stamp issued by local government delivery reception process number
Spices Organs
Applicants Slaughter
Fur color Disposal amount
Producer Species of domestic animal classification
Milk and Meat classification Partly disposal
Inspector Spices of domestic animal
Grad of disease Species of domestic animal classification
Disposal correspondence of species of domestic animal Authority
Classification correspondence of species of domestic animal Gender
Disposal amount correspondence


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