Personnel Basic Information Management System


This systm is designed for the management of personnel information with simplifying data input process.
You can take Excel files and CSV files of the Personnel data in to this system so that you can switch the data swiftly from the other system and are able to operate this system in short time.
You can assign a limit to system users and refer to user’s Log-in record by inputting UserID and Password to manage its sercurity.
You can easily retrievel the personnel information by name (in the order of the Japanese(kana) syllabry), by affiliations, by occupations, by date of personnel changes, and other conditions. You can also the function linking to the resume in PDF file and output the data to Excel files or print the list if need be.


Reagistrable Items of Personnel Basic Information

Personnel Number, Name, Name(kana), Sex, Date of Birth, Leagal Address on Family Registry, Zip Code, Address, Phone Number, Academic Background / Occupational Career, Date of Hired, Affiliation, Occupation, Employment Type, Date of Retirement, Category of Retirement, Cause of Retirement, History of Personnel Change, License / Qualification, Health / Employment Insurance Information, Pension Information, Note

Books and Checks

 Roll of Worker (Batch Print, Individual Print Correspondence)

 List Table of Personnel Information

 Official Written Notification (of Personnel)

 Nameplate Print (Option)


 Setting Log-In

 Reference to Log-In History

 Retrieval of Personnel Information / Display the List

 Portrait Uptake (JPEG Only)

 Saving Resum / Reference (Link to PDF file)

 Personnel Information Data Uptake (Excelfile, CSV file)

 Output Personnel Information to Excel file


 Software itself:¥275,000(Tax Included)

 Option:Nameplate Printing Function ¥55,000(Tax Included)

*When you like to link to PDF file of resumes, You need to work separately on making PDF file of resumes.Please contact us for details.

*We also do customize this system. (Extra Charge)


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