New Automobile Sales and Maintenance Support Management System


Automobile Sales and Maintenance Support Management System [UNIPro2] is a system that efficiently, accuately, and swiftly operates the transaction of synthetic general affairs in Automobile Sales and Maintenance Business on the computers.
In Automobile Sales, You can operates synthetic transaction of sales including drawing quatations for automobile, printing order forms, and the management of allowance for automobile inventories. Moreover, in the maintenance, you can smoothly draw a maintenance check using the data of the standard working marks published by Japan Automobile Service Promotion Association. The content of an automobile maintenance can be managed as its history.
This system fully supports Automobile Sales and Maintenance Business including managiments of Credit Sales / Payable Trades, Bills, Recipts, and Payments and the issue of Certificate of Mandatory Vehicle Liability Insurance.
*UNIPro2X will be of annual renewal type


 Abundance of Data Installations

Installed the data of the standard working marks published by Japan Automobile Service Promotion Association and the model type classification data (automobile data) since 1993 edittion. It is regularly installed Adress and Zip-code data for the national users of Safty Inspection Certificate.

 Simplification of Inputting

To adapt various list selection formats and abundance of data installations save a lot of input man-hours. to adapt format screen of Safty Inspection Certificate, you can also input the data of Safty Inspection Certificate or draw checks more easily by a function of data duplication.

 Information Management

You can register various information, such as Class, Sex, Birthday, Age, Driver’s License, Delivery setting for cards, Family Information, Insurance Information and so on. You can refer or register the equipment information, such as, other than information of safty inspection certificate, option, tire size, wheel size as the automobile information, or insurance information and maintenance information (history).

 Data Connection

By issues of sales checks, an automobile information is automatically resistered to the system as a history of its maintenance, and the perivious owners’ information and maintenance history will be succeeded even if the owner of the automobile changes. This system automatically registers the transaction of orders and stocks for automobiles and parts to the Inventory, and it conducts the countdown of the Inventory by the sales transaction.

 Retrieval Function

You can retrieval and sistill the customer information quickly by inputing its reference name or clicking buttons by the mouse. You can also distill the automobile information by inputing its code and various registered data by selecting the items from the list.

 The Issue of Bills

You can issue the bills depending on each customers’ deadlines. You can also issue the bills to another customer other than the owner of the automobile.

 Automatical Calculation of the Fare of Mandatory Vehicle Liability Insurance / Weight Taxation

The fare of Mandatory Vehicle Liability Insurance / the sum of Weight Taxation in the master of the automobile owners is automatically calculated by selecting a type of automobile and a fare term of insurance.

 Aggregation Function

You can conduct 14 kinds of various aggregations of the sum, such as by Operation division, by Sales division, by Person in charge, by the Customers, by the Gross Profit and so on.

 Print Books

You can print 14of various kinds of management books and documents such as not only business talk books, quotations, Sales checks(delivery and bills checks), total bills checks but also Sales daily reports, the customer ledger, the deposit book and so on , various list of masters, DM / post cars, indication ducuments, and the prevention advice. You can register the infromation of quotaions and Sales checks on the screen. You can also set the information of the customer and automobile to the original print position by the User book print function so that you can print them in legal books or individual business talk books.

 Sales Support Tool

You can reserve and register resevation items of automobile sales, maintenance, saftey inspection, check, a call, and the insurance on a calender form, and refer or print a resevation situation. You can approach to the customer in a great timing by using a follow-up function with the term assignment to distill the term of automobile parts change or checkups and the contents of other options.

 New Service Function

It is useful for the approach to the customers by making prevention advices for each automobiles, and by registering and printing the results of estimations.

 Function of Drawing up Antique Ledger

Antique Ledger is automatically created by the transaction of automobile trade-in or stock process.

 Compatible with the Laser Printer

You can print out quotations, sales ledgers, total bills, certificates of Mandatory Vehicle Liability Insurance by using papers of compatible with a Laser Printer on the Laser Printer.

 Mandatory Vehicle Liability Insurance

You can issue the certificate and the aggregation list of Mandatory Vehicle Liability Insurance.

 Function of Writing E-mail for the Registered Customers

For specific or assigned some customers, you can write e-mails using the model sentences.(* E-mail will be sent through a mailing software.)


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