Short Term Utilization Service of Study Support System for Education and Training


Provide Study Support System for Education and Training in short term.
We provide the system in limited term including server.
Enable to be in operation from accepting the application in 3 days (business day) shortest.
Customers are able to use in anywhere by a computer with the Internet connection.

 Providing Structure

 WEB Server (Outside Hosting Service Utilization)

*Please consult us when using individual server.

 Study Support System for Education and Training ([FileBOX])

 Digital Teaching Material Creation Software [Web Manual]

 System Functions


ID and Password Input

*Log-in screen for Administrator differs from for User.

 File Upload / Download Function

Upload and download files for education and training materials.

*Administrator Screen only: Belonging and level setting to limit users, File utilization limit setting, Password setting at file decompression after downloading, Submitted file assignment (returned file assignment)

 Log-in History

List Log-in date, User name, and division (belonging).

*Administrator Screen only

 File History

Date and Time, User name, Upload/ Download history, and File title

 User’s Master

Administrator and User division, ID / Password, Name, Belongings, Level, Auto Password for file saving, Word addition, Used or not

*Administrator Screen only

 Calendar Function

Title, Contents (Explanation), URL link setting

 Digital Teaching Material WEB Page Reference

Create by [Web Manual] and display uploaded Web page with videos and images for study.


Please feel free to contact us to request for product catalogs,
customizing, consulting, or other inquiries.