Digitalization Service by using Mark-sensing Cards


 Realize a swift data digitalization by using Mark-sensing cards!
We offer the operation efficiency up and the gradual decrease of operation cost.

The advantage of Mark-sensing cards is swiftly to digitalaize the data which is hand-written answers or check contents without hands!

 Special Offer for People in trouble with following reasons.

 It is too much trouble to inpu hand-written answers into the computer for the aggregation.

 It is only to check determinant confirmation items, but it is hard to use mark-sensing cards because of the paper size limitation and so on.

 The material of Mark-sensing cars is too expensive.

 There is only a determinant format of Mark-sensing card so that it is hard to edit the list of sentences.

 It can’t set the layout or questions and answers up freely.

 I want also to use PC and scanner that I own at present with Mark-sensing cards.

 You don’t need a special paper for Mark-sensing cards.

In the conbentional OMR, you had to buy the Drop-out colored paper from the dealers. However We offer that we draw the format using by Word Processor or others to be able to process mark-sensing cards printed in the normal papers. Due to this, you can save the running cost.

 You can freely set books of Mark-sensing cards up!

Every one can easily degign books of Mark-sensing cards that you use only to scan the layout freely designed using Excel / Word or other applications or select image files.

 You can output the data into multiplex formats

You can save the data in Excel, Access, or other assigned data format. You can also output them in textal format and it is easy to reuse them to other software.

 It almost corresponds to all formats.

It is able to process OMR by commercial scaners. It can process more quickly if the scanner is with ADF (automatic paper supply). It can automatically process when the image file is drawn into the assigned folder.

Survey Aggregation, Examination Grading, Class Evaluation, Reception / Attendance Table, Attendance Book, Survey List, Examination List, Health Diagnosis Questionnaire and etc.

With ideas, you can draw various formats of Mark-sensing cards in the general paper,
and you can easily digitalize the data of the answers and check contents!


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