PC Maintenance Service

 Do you need a help at such time?
There occurs a lot of troubles and questions when you use the computer such as different PC manufacturers and different purchase places and so on.
When there is no specialist in charge of the system, many other operaters don’t know where to or who to ask about the problems.
To help to support or solve such troubles, we start [PC Maintenace Service].
We take care of any kinds of manufacturer’s PC. (Except for the own-build PCs)
We reguraly visit you and maintain your PC check.
 Service Outline

 We regulary visit and check your computer with following contents.

 We regulary update “Windows Update” installations.

 Check in the PC by the tool Software. (We manage its system if PC needs to be improved.)

◇Status of CPU, Memory, and Hardware

◇Check the performance

◇Clean up (Alignment of deletion of unnecessary files / Setting etc.)

 Conduct virus checks and data backups.

 We offer or consult with puroduct or technology information that is good for your computer operation environment.

We sale and develop PC softwares.
We have various experiences and managements within a lot of customers who use our softwares.
We put this know-how and technology to accout into this service and support your PC operation.

 Initial Cost (Only for the first purchase):¥16,600+¥consumption tax

 Monthly Basic Fare (from second renewal downward):¥3,000+¥consumption tax

 Local visit setting fee:separately

*Fare will be changed depending on the number of PC.

*You need applicable softwares and hardware fot virus checks and data backup.

*This is an annual contract.

 Other Options (It will be charged extra fares.)
OS (Reset-up) Operational only with the Recovery CD and only for the Clean Installation.
Office Installation Limited only with Official Installation Disk.
Commercial Software Installation Installation and check operation.
Add Memory Memory addition and check recognition.
Add External Drive Set external drive up and check operation.
Other Commercial Periphery Devices Set devices up and check operation.
Add Board / Card Add board / card and driver installation.
Take out the Data from Broken PC Take out the data only from HD and need to be a take-out.
*There might not be possible to do those options due to the disk situation or the hardware.
Set up Internet Connection ISDN / ADSL
 Other / Attention

 This is the limited service only for Toshin area in Nagano-ken.

 Products of the software and hardware, the version, and price may differ from those discription herein by introducing time.

 The fare of version up for each softwares isn’t included.

 The network management isn’t included. (Server, PC, LAN Environment, Equipment)

 When there is some troubles in PC, recovery from those troubles or provision are not included in the basic fare. It will be the extra charges.

 Cleaning of hardware isn’t included.


Please feel free to contact us to request for product catalogs,
customizing, consulting, or other inquiries.