Scanning Service


Scanning Service is a service for the process that it digitalizes documents or files, which are kept as the medium of paper to scan them by the device called “Scanner”, to use those digitalized documents or files on the computer.
We realize to simplify the managemenet of documents by digitalizing and spead up the retrieval!!

 Do you need a help at such time?

 Adbantage of Digitalizing

Retrieve the objective file swiftly and manage it safely.

You can find and refer to the objective file swiftly and accurately among a huge amount of digitalized file by using the reference of digital files and retrieval software.
*You can also set the retrieval keywords up on the Software for the reference.

Save the Office Space Effectively!

Does a massive amount of documents bears heavily upon your office?
You can manage information of a massive amount of the medium of the paper by digitalizing papers. You don’t need to have a place to keep files of the medium of paper in the office so that you can effectively use the space in the office.

Retrieve the objective file swiftly and manage it safely.

You can retrieve or refer to the digital data which is saved on the computer connecting to the office LAN, so that you don’t need to carry the information around like the paper document without worrying about its loss. You can also print the document if needs be.
Digitalize the Files as a PDF format
Scanned data will be save as a PDF format.
PDF is a standard format which is widely popularized to handle the digital document on the computer.


 Even if you think that the documents that you hold at present are a huge and it is too much time and money to digitalize, you should digitalize the coming documents from now on. We reguraly digitalize the units gathering by daily documents per a week or a month.

 There is a secondary product. When we digitalize the documents, we put tags(Post-it) with numbers for each piece of documents to check.(We talk with you about putting the tags or not). We draw the ledger of this numbers and the stencil names. Therefore it will be also created the ledger as digitalizing the documents at the same time, and we offer the ledger with those tags if you wish.

 We substitute for things that you wanted to do but couldn’t do, such as filing or sorting separated things.

 Line of Digitalizing

1.Preliminary Talks

Please prepare for the stencils that you want to digitalize at first.
Then we arrange how to proceed after digitization, specifications for digital files, and the date of delivery.

2.Keeping the Stencils and Filing Documents

First we borrowed the stencils, and second we file and confirm the number of pieces of documents and forms for the digitalizing preparation, and third we offer our estimate.
*Please feel free to ask about the basic fare.

3. Digitalize the Medium of Papers

We scan the stencils that we borrow and save them as PDF files.
Afterwards, we change file names and set passwords and keywords. (Depending on the Reference Software)


We deliver compeleted digital files in CD-R.

 Specifications for Digitalizing

Stencil Size Postcard to A3 stencil size (Sided printing stencil is practical)
Color Monochrome / Full Color
Saving Format AdobeR PDF * (JPEG, GIP etc. Please ask about image files.)
The Term of Custody for the Stencils Depending on preliminary talks.
Delivery Format Setting up and confirmation of the operation.


Please feel free to contact us to request for product catalogs,
customizing, consulting, or other inquiries.