WEB Site Production

 Here is the special features of this service of Ailesystem!

Best for Such People!

 For people who want to have your own Web Site but too busy and no time to create or update it.

Our staffs update your site if you send materials for aupdate to us by E-mail or Fax. There is no trouble to update your website by yourself.

 For people who want to do the On-Line business through the Internet.

We built your shopping curt system in our server. Please prepare for your merchandise composition. Our staffs act for the troublesome merchandise registration.

 For people who use it as a place for the communication.

Using diary function, you can type your sentences in the Web Site as a diary from your computer. It is the best for information dispatch to friends who their hobby fits.
There are a lot of companies which substitute to produce Web Site, but most of them don’t maintain the Web Site but only to create it.
We perform the services from production to maintenance of the Web Site after release in a lump.

Realize Web Site with Various Functions

You can add additional functions in Web Site such as the shopping cart linking with the database or the high visual effect design using flashes.

 We support customer’s Web Site operation!

Web Site Production

We produce your Web Site complying with your wishes. With various options, you can specialize functions of your Web Site.

Web Site Management Substitution after Release.

Web site we created will be set up in our server. All of Web Site’s updates and maintenances will be done by our staffs.

*We do not provide the mail server service. You need to have a contract with other service company separately. In this case, please proceed a contract for the mail server and bear its cost by yourself.

*You can switch to our Web Site maintenance service even if you already have your managing Web page. However if you have commissioned other company to manage your Web Site at this present, please proceed a dissolution of the contract and bear its cost by yourself.

 List of Web Site Functions

You can contribute articles very easy by access to the contribution screen. You can also attach pictures, or use it as blogs, and it is useful for notifications for shopping arrival goods infromation.
Shopping Cart
All you need is to prepare for materials for your merchandises, and then we register them to the Web Site. Your orders will be processed on the site and the content of orders will be sent to the customers as confirmation mails. Automatic order process helps to decrease burdens for people who operate On-line Web shopping.
Mobile Site Construction
We also do a mobile site production. Other than the main site, we construct a light information site for mobile phone. You can also have a simple mail transmission function on the mobile site.
Mailing Form
Setting this form makes you to have opportunities to know user’s opinions. As other usage, you can use this function as the On-line reservation system.

 We created those above Web Sites


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